Dang it!!!

Today I lost my first e-collar transmitter.  I started training retrievers back in the mid 90’s, and until today had never lost a piece of equipment.  Well, once I left a hand-launcher in the field, but I *fetched* it the next day.  And I will admit to losing the occasional bumper.  Who hasn’t, right??

But a transmitter??  Dat’s EXpensive equipment.  Of course it was not one of mine, but a client’s top of the line Dogtra 2300…..

What started out as a pretty laid back (many of my dogs are hunting now, our duck season just came back in) day turned into a logistical nightmare which involved driving BACK to my original training field (20 minutes) and a fruitless search (20 minutes).  Then back to the pond (20 minutes) and a fruitless search (maybe 10).  I will go back to the field tomorrow a.m. (20 minutes) and resume the search,

because. . .

If I don’t find it, I will be ordering a replacement transmitter.  I am equally confident the arrival of said replacement will facilitate discovery of the original.

Any takers???


About dianeatdogtrain

Trainer of dogs AND people for the last 20 years -- involved in many aspects of dog for over 40 as a Vet tech, dog groomer, professional handler, Canine Kinaesthetics Specialist and retriever gundog trainer. A fair amount of successful experience with modifying aggression, although I'm getting too old for that nonsense!

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  1. I’m not laughing *at* you, but I am laughing.

    Lost a transmitter antenna last year at Feesers, before the season closed us out.

    Found it laying in the field when I went to scope out the grounds last week.

    • sum beech. so I got THAT going for me, which is nice… One of my clients got himself a nifty little camo holster for his tx years ago. You will know where this’n went! Kyna like my hubby got some camo tape to disguise a mag lite HE USED AT NIGHT!!!! and lost during the day. hahahaha HA!

  2. Of course you will. Law of Lost and Found.

  3. About ten months later, I am training with a friend and lose yet another transmitter. He takes his dog (2 or 3 MH passes dog), drops his tx and teaches his dog to find it. Does this a couple of times. Comes up with the one I dropped (do NOT trust the belt clip thingee!). A day or two later, takes his dog to the field where I lost the original tx – subject of original blog – and finds it. I package up the tx, a pedigree and some pictures of this talented dog with the suggestion he utilize him in his breeding program.

    Just sayN.

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