A Wood Duck for Twenty

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Things came ‘round to full circle on the nineteenth of January, when our young Labrador ‘Twenty’ went on his first hunt with my husband and our good friend Keith Griffin.

All we really wanted out of this duck season was to get this 11 month old dog into a hunting situation with a reasonable guarantee of success.  It wasn’t looking very promising, as the lack of weather up north has resulted in a good many of the ducks we usually see this time of year staying put.  If the waters they frequent are frozen, they must move south.  If not?  Well, that’s what has resulted in the current dearth of birds here.

Some of you reading this may remember a piece I wrote four years ago about our elderly male Labrador ‘Laszlo’ after his final hunt.  http://www.dogtraininc.com/lazloMemorial.htm

Keith (aka:  designated hunter!) was there for Steve to initiate ‘Twenty’ into the grand ritual with his first Wood Duck, just as he was there to help ‘Laszlo’ get his last on January 21, 2008.  He is a good friend, and I so appreciate his contribution to our dogs.

Then, as now.



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