Monthly Archives: September 2012

I have a problem. . .

I have a problem with **rescues** that adopt inappropriate dogs out to people who are trying desperately to do the “right thing”.  Giving them dogs that bite, or dogs that have been bounced back to that same rescue multiple times due to a variety of nebulous issues; generally speaking, dogs that bite.  It’s just that no one will tell the truth when they return that dog, as they don’t want to be “responsible” for the dog being put to sleep.  Maybe we’re just not the right home.  Maybe, just maybe – there is NO right home.  Mother Nature did not ever intend for everything to live.  And as we already know, it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

I have a problem with a rescue that will put multiple eye surgeries ($$$$$)  to correct entropion on a Shar pei mix who is already visually impaired due to a combination of genetics and poor or nonexistant pre-natal nutrition.  Nevermind the “nutrition” he received AFTER his birth.  How much of that $$$$$ could have gone to heartworm treatments, or spay/neuters of those who DON’T  feel the need to bite people?

I have a problem with rescues who don’t properly work with the dogs they wish to foist off on the unsuspecting public, assuring them right along they are doing the “right thing” to adopt.

I did two appointments with this dog.  He had been placed with a dear woman who has had one other dog in her life.  I told her what I mentioned above at our first visit; not everything is intended to live.  She has some health issues as well, so I felt bad about that comment.  We did our second appointment, and things were going pretty well when the dog sort of “charged” at my face.  For no particular reason.  He’s near blind, so was easy to avoid, but the point remains “WHY? are we doing this?”  This is a fearful, impaired dog with a bad beginning and multiple foster homes placed with a hopeful novice owner.

We worked through all that, and then.  I got the call.  She was on the phone, in her night clothes, back to the dog (and how threatening is that?) when he charged her and bit her in the derriere so badly as to draw blood.  Seriously??  She returned him to the rescue, and good on her for doing that although some lame brain has already volunteered to foster him (yet again).

This lovely stand-up  woman came in to DOGTRAIN to return her training manual (which she had paid for, in my world).

Are you going to get a dog again?  Oh yes.  Then you must keep the training manual (which, btw) you have already paid for.  Call me when you are ready, and consult me when you get another dog.  I will help you make the right choice.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. . . I need to get up with the veterinarian who is responsible for this particular rescue and have a chat.