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Apparently training was out of the question…

From a friend of mine.
****To Fletcher the Beagle,   All of us tried so hard to inform your owners you were on the wrong path. We started when you were just a pup of 6 months. It fell on deaf ears. They loved you. Now, just after your 3rd birthday, your owners finally reached out to me as a trainer. Why now? Because their son is now 13 months and toddling all over. It was okay when you bit them for the last few years. And even when you tried to bite other family members. But not their son.   It was okay you spent the last 3 years conflicted, anxious and unguided. They loved you. It’s okay we know in a different home you would’ve blossomed. They loved you.   It was apparent when as a trainer I told them to remove you from their home for the safety of their son and others that they loved you. We all worked hard at trying to find a suitable home; a rescue that would take you with your history. I know it wasn’t entirely your fault, probably not even mostly your fault. They loved you.   And yesterday when they failed at finding another home and had to let you go from this earth we know THEY LOVED YOU TO DEATH.   I know in a different home you would’ve been a different dog. I also know you are no longer living each day in internal conflict and are finally at peace.   Rest in Peace Fletcher 12/20/09-3/14/13 you deserve it.***
Vaya con dios, Fletcher. Love won’t fix NUTHIN. “If love would fix instability, there wouldn’t be an unstable man in the world.”  Cesar Millan.
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